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"Bridging the Language Gap"

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North Sea Translations is a small-scale translation agency specializing in the translation of texts from Dutch into English and vice versa.


Proficient Translations

Years of experience means that we are able to provide accurate and professional translations of a variety of texts to and from the English language - from commercial and marketing texts to websites, manuals and annual reports.


We take your text as seriously as you do, and are therefore dedicated to providing the best possible translation. We work solely with university-educated translators, creative thinkers who are able to translate difficult idioms and catchy advertising slogans. And, unlike many other translation agencies, we do not contract out translations to other agencies, who in turn pass the text on to other translators, which can result in poor quality work and underpaid, unmotivated translators.


Quality Guaranteed

All translations are viewed twice and edited if necessary, ensuring that each and every text is correct up to the very last detail, and resulting in a flawless end product.



You can be sure that every deadline to which we have agreed will be met. If time does not permit otherwise, large projects will be divided among several translators within the agency who will work in close contact with one another in order to ensure consistent terminology.


Latest Technology

We work with the latest versions of Microsoft Office and are able to translate Word, HTML, Excel and PowerPoint texts.



We welcome rush orders and weekend work. An additional fee may be required, depending on the text and circumstances. Messages can be left on our voicemail outside of office hours. We will return your call as quickly as possible.



Translations can be delivered by e-mail, fax, on diskette or CD-rom, or as printouts.


Our Translators

All of our translators are university-educated and not only proficient in the languages they work in, but are also excellent writers. Most importantly, we use only native speakers.



We charge competitive rates (per word) and offer discounts for large-scale projects. An additional fee is charged for texts requiring legal certification. This ensures that you always pay a fair price.


Contact Us


For a price quote or more information on North Sea Translations, please contact us by e-mail ( or phone at +31 347 375575.